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Agatha Yaxley // Sixth Year // Slytherin

Darling, darling, doesn't have a problem
Lying to herself cause her liquour's top shelf. It's alarming honestly how charming she can be, fooling everyone, telling how she's having fun.

She says you don't want to be like me
Don't wanna see all the things i've seen
I'm dying, i'm dying. She says you don't want to get this way. Famous, and dumb, and no age. My, i'm dying

She laughs like god, her mind's like a diamond. Buy her tonight, she's still shining like lightning, light, like lightning

- Pureblood Witch
- Fatal Elitist
- The So-Called Hogwarts Slut

I hear a pretty French bird has joined us.


No, you have not heard wrong. I have been married, our marriage was set up since the beginning of last year but of course we had go through the necessary period of courting which was exhausting, considering we both knew what the end goal was.

We were supposed to get married and remain married but someone had to open their filthy little mouth about business they know nothing of. And now I’m a sixteen years old divorcee. Oh, well at least I can’t say I didn’t have an interesting life that’s for sure.

Well that’s rather- tragic. Sounds like a story from a 16th century novel, in my personal opinion. I wasn’t aware the French supported such young marriages still. It must have been hellish. I can’t…imagine really. 

At least now you’re free though. Free to do as you wish. No man by your side to dictate what you do. You have your youth to yourself; it’s the only time we’ll ever have to be ourselves I think. 

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I hear a pretty French bird has joined us.


I could never do such a thing! Grandmother said women whom have already been soiled will find a husband with far more difficulty than those whose maidenhood have been preserved.

I had an unfortunate experience with my husband François. He heard rumours that I was no longer a virgin when we married and he divorced me. I was publicly humiliated for no reason. People were calling me a whore, casting me aside. Now, do you see the value of purity ? Nowadays unproper women are awfully treated, if preserving myself is what it takes to not know such a fate then I will continue to do so.

I’m sorry- I think I’ve been mixing my liquors a tad bit too much, I don’t think I heard you properly. Did you say you’ve been married? As in you were a wife, in the past tense; a proposal, a wedding, an actual…marriage? Not only that, but you’re also a divorcee? I think I need a moment. 

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I hear a pretty French bird has joined us.


I’ve had my share of attentions as any young lady, I suppose but I wasn’t assaulted by display of interest you can trust me on that. Men these days don’t appreciate virtue enough. As if they’re afraid virginity is some sort of mortal disease they might catch. *laughs*

I’ve been told by the best teacher any girl could hope for. It’s all a matter of subtlety, suggest but never reveal. You’ll find the attention of men is maintained for a much longer period of time then.

Someone’s awfully high and mighty. Virginity is not all its cracked out to be; it’s a ridiculous notion actually. The ways of men and masculine infused society is the only reason the silly concept of ‘purity’ even exists. It was created to limit women, not free us. If you are so set on teaching men a lesson, I suggest ignoring the rules they’ve set about for us. Shag your way to equality.

Besides, to be quite frank, I really don’t have any intention of keeping a man longer than a night or two, anyhow. I have no use for their attention. 

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—— The Last Song Ever Written


The Last Song Ever Written by Stars



I don’t understand you. At all. Like, a part of me just wants to wring you by the neck and shake even a drop of sense into you. Because agreeing to be someone’s puppet is something no one should be willing to do; you’re Agatha fucking Yaxley. And while that name was mud to me about an hour ago, now, it’s, well, not.

However, arguing with you about your ideals is the last thing I want to do because I know that I will make no headway. You’re just as stuck in your ways as I am in mine. All I urge you to do is…make a decent match for yourself? Find someone that can at least make you mildly happy? I find my salvation in the Dark Lord and that purpose brings me pleasure; you deserve the same.

Unfortunately, I doubt a ‘decent’ match is in my future. He’ll be some wealthy land owner of some sort; most certainly brutish, and degrading. I’m making the assumption that he’ll have very little to do with the forthcoming war; politics hold a distaste with my parents. Though if he was very popular in the Ministry, I suppose they would change their minds. I will have very little in common with him, and my only real purpose will be served in the bedroom; my skills as a homemaker have never been something to be proud of. I’ll throw a party here and there; make myself look presentable; and hide any insecurities of a failed marriage. 

But through all of that, I can promise you one thing, that may slightly reassure you. Whoever he is- whatever he dares do to me; I’ll give him hell no matter what. I am after all, the one and only Agatha Yaxley. 

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All dressed up, and nowhere to go….


I say we rule out the closets and the broom cupboards because I’m not in the mood to wake up with neck cramps; I swear to Salazar, this school was made for midgets…..Hm….have you ever fucked in the Forbidden Forest, Ms. Yaxley? It’s…interesting. Different. Exciting. I want it.

The Forbidden Forest has long ago been tainted by my non-existent innocence. It’s  one of my choice locations, in fact. One can lose themselves so entirely, within a matter of moments; the darkness of the trees, the venom of the plants, the hiss of the creatures, it has a tendency to bring out the beast in people. I do hope you haven’t lost your appetite for claws- I find it difficult to retract in the heat of the moment. 

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I hear a pretty French bird has joined us.


Now we have our share of half-breds but what school doesn’t ? Veelas can be quite vicious creatures and it’s so hard to tell, their true nature is always lying beneath the veil. They charm you so well, when the blow comes you don’t even see it coming.

I must be immune to whatever is in the water, then because it’s not in my nature to brag. Just because one posesses some assets doesn’t mean it’s a good thing to flaunt them. Better keep them hidden to better surprise possible enemies or friends.

I can only assume that their ravishing looks are worth the risk of an attack. There’s so many men, and women, who would give anything for the company of beauty; perhaps even their own lives. I’m surprised you made it out of there alive. 

Yes, I suppose I do agree with you, though many of our peers would not. It appears the only interesting part of their personalities is their egos. I’ve been told  though, that a lady never reveals herself; it is part of the allure. I’ve yet to master that particular notion, but you appear to have learnt that lesson well. 

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